Aug 31, 2005

Arizona Daily Star drops Ann Coulter

The Arizona Daily Star decided to quit publishing Ann Coulter's column aptly named 'Shrill'. I don't find this person so offensive as most as I've never really taken her seriously. She has a tongue in cheek approach to try and piss off everyone, but she amuses me to some degree even though I'm not laughing with her.

I remember years ago she used to have a column in Newsweek. She dedicated on essay about how hard it was getting a date in Washington D.C. (Jessica Cutler apparently had no problem.) Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be to take her out? Not only would you have to convince your friends that she's not a man, but just agreeing on a place would be hell.

Me: Want to go for a walk in the park?
Ann: Parks!!!! Parks are nothing but liberal designed beautification projects that could be better used for the private market. Parks are nothing but a communist plot.
Me: How about we have some dinner? Sushi?
Ann: Sushi!!! Foreign food is just another way those furry hat wearing pinkos shove multiculturalism down our throats.
Me: Uhh I think you're referring to the Sovie...never mind. Okay...How about a play?
Ann: Well it better not be showing in a publicly funded theatre. And if that play got any funds from the NEA I will beat the director and pour pigs blood on him.
Me: How about I just go home and practice self mutilation all the while pondering why I asked you out in the first place?
Ann: Begonne you Marxist devil. Go back to your world of witchcraft and sodomy.

Anyways her outlets of ridiculous propaganda are narrowing. Fox News will soon be the only one to give her a voice.

"If those kids had been carrying guns they would have gunned down this one [child] gunman. ... Don't pray. Learn to use guns." - Ann Coulter

'Arizona Daily Star' Drops Ann Coulter's 'Shrill' Column

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