Aug 23, 2005

Jessica Alba to star in "I Dream of Jeannie" remake.

Now being a big fan of films I'm currently disgusted with all the miserable remakes being thrown at our local multiplexes. Did we need a live version of 'Fat Albert'? Was the 'Honeymooners' remake really necessary? Wasn't enough said in the 'Car 54 Where are You TV' show? Don't remember that show or movie? Yeah that's what I thought.

Some studio exec thought it would be a great idea for Jessica Alba to don the outfit made famous by Barbara Eden and I for one am all for it. Yes sir I could kiss that mogul of film on the lips. Brilliant, brilliant I tell you.

Now a whole new generation of men will get to have the fantasies our parent's had while viewing the 60's sitcom. Actually my dad never fantasized. Ever. Oh god I'm sick. Sorry I'll have to go punch myself in the face for ever thinking that. Excuse me.

"I thought it was my job to give all the boys their first kiss." - Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba to 'Dream of Jeannie', but not 'Fantastic Four 2'

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