Aug 29, 2005

Jobs that would rule.

When my job situation was in flux I thought of some dream jobs I'd love to do regardless of how realistic it may be. Listed below are a few:

Professional wrestler - Now how's that for fulfilling a 12 year old fantasy of beating people up and acting like a complete jackass while getting paid lots.

Super secret spy - Every guy wanted to be James Bond at one point in their life.

Playboy photographer - Nuff said.

Skydiver - Risking death for money. I like it.

Linebacker - Crushing skulls and talking trash. I love football as you probably are aware.

Movie director - I know I do this in my spare time, but releasing a film that will be as important as Citizen Kane is a great little daydream.

Poet - Wouldn't it be great if someone would give me money for the often dark, sometimes whimsical writings I create?

Stuntman - Only they can say "I did it because Russell Crowe was too much of a wuss".

UFC fighter - I often enjoy the 'fighting sports', i.e. boxing, MMA, etc. Stepping into the octagon would be a thrill. Actually I'd probably get scared and curl into the fetal position and cry.

Peace Corps - Everytime I look at my current career path I think about how I'm really not making a difference.

Political talking head show host - I could rant and rave about all my political leanings and people would assume I am smart, because I'm on TV after all. They never let dumb people on TV. Ever.

It's really slow here at work and I'm really bored.

"The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play." ~Arnold Toynbee

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