Jul 24, 2006

Batgirl is Clueless, but I'm not complaining.

Most of us have a cause we feel strongly about and there are those who will go to great lengths to fight for it. Whether it be civil rights, religion, or environmental issues activists will often use various methods to bring attention to their seemingly richeous plight. A lot of us bear a cross, but only the truly passionate go to extreme lengths and of course they get all the press.

Alicia Silverstone, who hasn't made a hit since Clueless, is considering disrobing for PETA. The animal rights activist is thinking of jumping the bandwagon of many hot PETA members who are recently going naked to draw attention.

Now I'm all in favor for Miss Silverstone getting naked even though I have many issues with PETA. Just because Alicia is going to show her assets try not to be fooled into thinking PETA is a reputable organization. They do fund some of the most extreme voices in the animal rights movement; some that even resort to terrorist activities. Don't get me started on the moral high ground PETA tires to take. I could go on forever about them.

It's funny that Pamela Anderson stripped for PETA and yet people didn't really care. I guess everyone's tired of seeing the plastic android nude. I don't see how she can be a positive influence in the animal rights community as most of us couldn't take her seriously about anything she stands for. She could go on record supporting average white guys rights to date super models and I would be against it. Good thing my dating life is a revolving door of Playmates and Victoria Secret models so I don't really have to come out and support such an issue.

Hopefully the Pretty Girl won't find out about my conquests.

"I really respect the people who do it, I think it's wonderful. I'd maybe do it, I wouldn't rule it out but I think so many people are doing it the message is getting across anyway which is fantastic." - Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone I would Strip For PETA

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Grace said...

World’s sexiest vegetarian, huh? That's quite the achievement. I'm not really too aware of what PETA is all about... I know they're all about animal rights, but I haven't heard about anything bad they've done in the past. But anyways, if that's what Alicia wants to do, then she should go for it. Whatever makes her feel like she's doing something meaningful.