Jul 10, 2006

I would so fire my campaign manager.

The Lyndon Johnson campaign released a stunning commercial depicting a young girl picking a flower and counting each petal. The ad then launched into a countdown and the audience was shown an image of a mushroom cloud. A voiceover then commenced talking about how the stakes were high in this campaign and the ad suggested that Johnson's rival, Barry Goldwater, may start a nuclear holocaust if elected.

The campaign ad launched a new era of televised politics. Critics back then blasted the commercial calling it tasteless to assume Goldwater may be a war monger. Although people backed then probably assumed television would bombard them with terrible ads they probably never thought it stoop to such an aesthetic low as the commerical I viewed today.

Dennis Ramsussen's campaign released an ad featuring a South Park like animated figure singing about how he needs a moderate canidate who's in touch with the American people. Granted I identify with the message, but for the love of Destro did the song have to be so painful?


Daisy Girl ad:

"We need to get past partisan arguments over whether we should have big government or small government. What America needs is smart government." - Dennis Rasmussen

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