Jul 25, 2006

You used to amuse me, but now I just hate you.

My first introduction into the world of Ann Coulter was back in high school. As part of our Contemporary World Problems class we were assigned to read Newsweek and were given a comprehension test on a weekly basis. At that time Ann wrote a column for the magazine. Since then I've always found her amusing really. Her tirades on liberals and how hard it was to find a date in DC were kind of funny given the woman seemed to have no grasp on reality so it was hard to take her seriously.

Now she hit home and I truly fucking hate her. I mean hate the woman with all of my ever masculine being. I hate her as much as I hate Stalin apologists, Hummer salesmen, and Euro trash techno.

In her latest attempt to make any conservative look like a freakin moron she said this about Hollywood's portrayal of the hero teacher in such bad films as Mr Holland's Opus, Dangerous Minds, and Stand and Deliver:

"In real life, these taxpayer-supported parasites are inculcating students in the precepts of the Socialist Party of America - as understood by retarded people."

Of course the way she states this makes it sound all encompassing, because as she seems to believe all teachers are indeed parasites. She goes on in her miserable book to state the average teacher salary is 43,000 a year compared to the rest of the work force who get 40,000. Of course she had to make the stab saying they get summers off and leave work at 3 pm.

Being the son of two retired elementary school teachers I must take issue with this. A teacher's salary should be higher than most of the workforce, because they are required now to have masters degrees and they do one of the most important jobs in our society. When you throw in the rest of the workforce you are comparing a pool of low wage undereducated jobs along with careers that require college degrees. A misleading comparison at best, and it's a wage my parents never ended up making.

My folks never got to leave work at 3pm and when they did come home their heads were buried in lesson plans, grading papers, etc. Of course they had the unthankful task of parent-teacher conferences where they had to diplomatically tell a couple that they spawned an idiot.

My parents believed in the old ways of educating which included drilling, discipline, and a firm understanding of the three 'R's. They hated the methods handed down to them of not educating a child and trying instead to make them feel good. Hardly a way to prepare someone for a life in a capitalist society, but they simply did their job. You can't blame the cop for the law you hate nor can you take such an immature view on our public school teachers.

So to this Ann I say go fuck yourself. Seriously how can you sit there and call teachers parasites while you sit there in your ivory tower of self indulgent mildly literate writings, to which you can simply work from home, and call yourself an expert on the personalities of our educators? I understand you couldn't make it being a serious analyst on world politics and you now have to resort to shocking the public to make a buck, but must you do it at the expense of people who are seriously trying to educate our children? There are bad teachers out there yes, but there are good ones too. Most of them are much smarter than you and I think you know that, but you do make a better living at the art of propaganda so I guess you believe we should look past your asinine prose and worship you as a genius.

Fuck you Miss Overrated Horseface Wench.

"We've finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism, and they don't want to fight it. They would, except it would put them on the same side as the United States." - Ann Coulter

Coulter: Somehow things get even worse


Mattbear said...

Why won't someone just snap and take her out? It would be for the good of humanity. Ugh.

Scott said...

Download a song called "Coulter's Snatch" by Hamell on Trial. Brilliant song by a fellow Coulter hater.


rawbean said...

I blogged about her too not that long ago:


She is such an easy target though because EVERYTHING she says is pathetic.

rawbean said...

my link is incomplete...

Grace said...

My mom's a teacher as well. She never gets home before 5:30pm... and that's when she's rushing. Teachers are such important members of the society, they deserve way more respect.