Jul 1, 2006

We deserve this.

There's a war going on. A war no one likes, but worse no one knows how to fight. Our collective ignorance of our enemy is staggering. We as a nation are spending our brain power analyzing the reasons these extremists are not like the millions who follow the "religion of peace", yet we guard ourselves behind the curtain of isolation never asking why a young man would truly want to end his life by blowing himself up to take out women and children with the reward of after life virgins.

We are condemned to believe that respect for ideology is next to Godliness, but we know little about the faiths we are so compelled to defend. Jumping to the aid of the oppressed worshippers is far more important than studying their beliefs. We're afraid we might despise their code of worship and conduct. It's easier to jump on our high horse and fight for the good of something we don't understand, cause most of us in some way want to feel that we're breaking the chains of intolerance. We love the idea of wiping the sins of our fathers. We need our little guy to stand up for and god forbid that man be someone we don't agree with. Lets all bury our heads and wave our fists for the good of diversity. If we speak out against them they might hurt us after all.

As war rages and people die we the ones who are against the action(s) sit idly by with our high speed internet, On-Demand TV, Netflix, etc. and bitch to ourselves about how dumb we are to elect such an ignorant fool, yet we won't do anything to even try and stop him. We are too cynical to support the opposition, because we fear they may be just as corrupt and incompetent. We have American Idol to watch. We're too busy with our lesbian porn to even vote. We truly believe Thomas Jefferson was an asshole, John Lennon was a saint, and everything Michael Moore says is Gospel.

The counter culture has truly been pacified with our life of luxury and why not? There's no draft. I'm told the economy is good. None of this affects me, except when I curse the gas pump for making a tank of petrol more expensive than a dinner for two at Shari's.

It's not that we're apathetic, it's that we're just damn selfish. I truly believe if there was a draft for the Iraq war things would be different; however since I won't be called to go anytime soon I'll be searching for funny stuff on Youtube. If our world is indeed doomed we can't say we don't deserve it.

"I remember being in my kitchen, watching the war in Iraq, and not being fazed by it at all. You've seen worse in films." - Mark Wahlberg

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