Jul 29, 2006

Why do we choose to believe this?

A friend of mine was having some medical issues and we discussed possible ailments for his pains. He suggested that I read a certain homeopathic book (the name eludes me) which he purchased on a recommendation from his family.

I asked about the book and he said it's written by a doctor who's remedies are being stifled by the medical community. Interesting. Here's a lady who's produced cures to ailments that are being suppressed. It's a conspiracy and the health of our citizens are paying the price.

I picked up the book in a Barnes & Noble and started browsing. Immediately I was taken aback at the amount of bullshit this woman claimed. She suggested all sorts of vitamin intake, herbal remedies, and meditation to cure almost any ill one may be inflicted with. Of course the introduction of the book was how the man was keeping her wisdom under wraps. I decided not to buy the book as I didn't want to contribute to this 'doctor's' income.

First off if the pharmaceutical companies really wanted to hush this woman up I'm sure they could do a better job of accomplishing that. Lobbying the publisher to not release such crap would be my first step. Also if a doctor had a real claim to something that actually cures ailments wouldn't Pfizer be all over it? When that company announces a drug that actually works their stock soars. Why wouldn't they want to make money of off this? What's keeping them from purchasing the patent? Is Lucifer chairman of the FDA?

The book gives the reader the overwhelming sense that we are masters of our own health destiny, although I didn't see anything that discussed proper diet and exercise. Maybe I missed that passage.

My friend, who's a good chap, really wanted to believe that these quick fixes can and will solve his medical problems and I can't really fault him for that. No one wants to go to the doctor to hear they have to suddenly change their lifestyle to enjoy a better existence, especially if the life they lead is an enjoyable one. I mean who wants to eat salad instead of Cheetos on a daily basis, go to the gym three times a week, try to quit smoking, and shell out a ton of dough for prescription drugs?

Conspiracy theories thrive because they can sometimes be easier to accept. Take the conspiracies about 9/11. Many people believe that the World Trade Center had explosions already in place, because they feel the might of the airplanes alone could not collapse the buildings. Some even go so far as to insinuate that our own government was involved.

Now the first question springs to mind as to why they took so long to detonate the buildings after the crash? You would think if the terrorists wanted a great loss of life then they would give the towers' inhabitants no time to escape. Why crash the airplanes at all?

If the government was indeed behind this then why didn't they have Iraqis board the planes instead of Saudis? If nothing it would make the current Iraq war a much easier sell which is what Bush wanted all along. They could've claimed the Iraqis were part of Saddam's intelligence and was partially funded by Bin-Laden.

I guess for a lot of people it's easier to believe that an organized government conspiracy could create such a biblical catastrophe than a rich Muslim terrorist. I guess they might even feel safer knowing that our government, a foreseeable threat, is something we can fight on our homeland rather than feel helpless as our troops continue their search for Al-Queda.

Now believing in conspiracies such as Pearl Harbor being anything less than a surprise attack and we've never actually did put a man on the moon is harmless really when you equate it to your health. The problem with myself, as well as my buddy, is we're not well educated in matters of biology so we could be easily fooled.

History and politics, two of my better subjects, is something many revisionists have a difficult time getting me to buy their simple propaganda. I understand why people often have a stubborn look at their version of history. Mostly it's because they want it to align with their simple morality.

Take the current crisis in the Middle East. Israeli sympathizers will constantly place blame upon the Arab bogeymen stating they are the ones who starts all the violence and the nation simply retaliates to it. Palestinian sympathizers will demand you look at the whole context of the history of the region demanding that the Crusades was indeed a black and white issue and that no one really agreed to the British accord that essentially started the idea of Israel.

When it comes to issues of health though anyone who fools you into thinking that something may heal you when they have no scientific evidence of it deserves nothing less than to be exposed as the frauds they are. Sad thing is some known frauds still exist and prosper.

Peter Popoff is still doing his faith healings.

"There are no greater liars in the world than quacks——except for their patients." - Ben Franklin

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