Jul 11, 2006

The quick road to spirituality.

Scientists have now discovered that most people who do mushrooms claim to have a spiritual experience. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in shrooms, apparently gives users a mystical trip. Why this is news I don't know.

They could have simply done a poll of any group of dirty hippies and the majority would claim the same. You could not ask a random person, say a blogger, who's above such things as eating fungi and thinking that Liza Minelli was riding an ostrich playing a trombone and believing the horrid event was occurring right behind him. Said blogger would never add nitrous to a trip and was suddenly whisked away to Mario world while his friends were shooting fireballs. Yes that blogger, whoever they may be, would not know a thing about it.

"In the 1920s, Penn State became the first land-grant college to initiate a comprehensive mushroom research program." - Don Sherwood

Magic mushrooms really cause 'spiritual' experiences


Mattbear said...

So are Liza Minelli and Mario spiritual?

Scott said...

Being a pure researchers must be good times. Do you think that they all sit around and make jokes aobout the fact that they are actually getting paid for this stuff?