Jul 27, 2006

Hello nurse!

The Animaniacs will finally be released on DVD. This is so cool. I mean now we can watch the adventure of mice that want to take over the world, mobster pigeons, and a grumpy old squirrel that whacks the hell out of people with her purse whenever we want.

And there is of course the songs. From the capitols song to the nations of the world. Enjoy my cartoon loving friends.


GeekManGreg said...

Yes! Yes! YES!!! A thousand times YES!!! Cory and I love this show and (can't believe I'm admitting this) actually own the soundtrack with the nations of the world and the state capitals. Can't wait for some Aunt Slappy fun! :)

Grace said...

Haha, that's too cute. I remember watching the show a few times when I was younger. Good times! That was a really catchy song too... I even recognized a few of the presidents' names :)