Jul 24, 2006

To Hizbollah with love.

I'm not an anti-war person per say. I do believe a nation has the right to defend itself from invaders, but I will speak out against military action I find immoral. That being said I do cringe when I see pictures like the one I posted that depicts Israeli children writing messages on missels that are to be used against Hizbollah.

These images are important to show the American public how a society deals with the constant bombardment of terrorism. Even after 9/11 our country still has an overwhelming sense of security compared to the likes of Israel. Hopefull we'll never have to experience what it truly means to be on either side of a conflict such as the one that rages in the Middle East.

"My theology is such that the God who loves Israel and will not forsake Israel - which is why I want to see Israel have a secure nation with secure borders - also loves the Palestinians." - Tony Campolo

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Grace said...

Omg, is that pic for real?
That's just wrong...