Jul 18, 2006

Man turns 100. Celebrates momentous occasion with class.

You may be surprised to learn I've never been to a Hooters restaurant. It's not that I'm a prude, far from it, but as much as I like hot women in little clothing I don't see the point of eating bad food. I'd rather have ugly waitresses who provide good service than otherwise. I go to a restaurant for good food and good company, not for girls in skimpy shorts to pretend that I'm handsome while hustling me for good tips.

Nat Back was taken to Hooters to celebrate his 100th birthday. He says it wasn't his idea, but no one pulled a gun to his head to do so.

As classless as this may seem I do hope I enjoy near naked women when I'm 100. If I live that long I'll probably be too wrapped up in appreciating the finer things in life such as going to the bathroom without assistance.

"My girlfriend works at Hooters... in the kitchen." - Mitch Hedberg

Man celebrates 100th birthday at Hooters


Scott said...

I too have never been to a Hooters! I think I may do it though, just to get the wings though.


Wiwille said...

Scott - Yeah, I shoud go to just to get the wings ')