Jul 17, 2006

The Phantom Pisser

A lot of human activity makes me ponder what it is that makes us do the things we feel so compelled to do. I see people involved in strange behavior and always think why they are so weird.

I just found out today that we have a phantom pisser at work. He's a guy who feels it is necessary to urinate on the toilet paper rolls.

What drives a man to do something so damn gross? Men are disgusting creatures I know, but peeing on toilet paper? Is this some new fetish that I haven't heard of?

If I ever catch the guy we'll have one serious disagreement.

"European toilet paper is made from the same material that Americans use for roofing, which is why Europeans tend to remain standing throughout soccer matches."
- Dave Barry


Alyssa said...

It sounds like something boobman would do..

Wiwille said...

I think it's Boobman's evil son and from this day forward we will be engaged in mortal combat.

PaBLo G said...

If I see anyone pissing on the toilet paper I'll make him wash his face in the loo. (not that I've done this to someone before)

Grace said...

That's so extremely gross. Unless... maybe he's just got a terrible aim?!

Scott said...

Okay that is just wrong... what if you have a bathroom emegency and you need to get in there stat?


Mattbear said...

Well, it's better than the Phantom Shitter we had a couple years ago.

Wiwille said...

Pablog - I do hope I'm around to see that.

Grace - If his aim is that bad then he seriously needs to see a doctor.

Scott - I may bring in my own toilet paper.

Mattbear - Yes on the scale of things this is better than the phantom shitter. I wonder if they're the same guy.