Jul 27, 2006

Wear a swimsuit, go to jail.

The ever so progressive Islamic Defenders Front has filed a complaint with Indonesian authorities over the fact that Miss Indonesia posed in a swimsuit for the Miss Universe pageant. Under Indonesian law the police will have to investigate the complaint which could land the beauty queen in prison for up to six years.

Former president Suharto decreed a ban on all beauty pageants; however that's been largely ignored until now. Islamic Defenders Front lawyer called her participation in the Miss Universe contest "insulting for Indonesian dignity and women."

I always thought true respect for women would be for them to have equal rights and pay and not treat them like children when it comes to their standards of dress. I guess under the rules of the Religion of Peace I should send the Pretty Girl to jail if I catch her exposing any flesh in public. If the cops won't take her I'll make my own cell and force her to watch reruns of Hee Haw. That'll show her to defy the will of Allah.

Or I could just simply respect her choices and watch her live as the good woman she is. I guess I'll be going to hell then.

"Respecting other people's cultures is well and good, but I draw the line at where some branches of Islam, what they do to women. It's indefensible." - Jello Biafra

Miss Indonesia under fire over 'insulting' swimsuit parade

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