Sep 1, 2005

Paris Hilton is not really hot and you know it.

I saw an article today which featured the infamous porn star-suedo celeb royalty Paris Hilton and I came to the conclusion that she's not really all that attractive. Granted I'm not into the bulimic look like a lot of men are nowadays, but seriously those spacey eyes, that blank phony smile, and that tiny frame really are a turn off.

I'm sick of the media's fascination with promoting the unhealthy crack whore look. Granted girls like Paris and Lindsey Lohan are far more attractive then your typical meth addict, but would you really work all that hard to get these girls if they weren't celebrities? You would? Oh okay.

I think I was born in the wrong decade. I long for the days where the 40s pinup girl look comes back, if ever. Remember that really bad movie 'Career Opportunities' with Jennifer Connely? Man she was hot then. Now she still looks good, but that weird anorexic look makes me think she may be mainlining. Praise be to god that we have women like Salma Hayek to look at.

Bring back the Sophia Lorens, the Jayne Mansfields, the Grace Kellys. I demand it. You do it or else I'll...we'll...I'll really do nothing of any significance. I can't stray away from my time spent as an undercover spy infiltrating the dark world of international conspiracies. One day my boss may give me the assignment to drug all major magazine publishers and hypnotize them into placing hotter models on their covers, but until then I'll have to settle assassinating brutish thug rebels who are trying to take over this country's polka halls.

(It's kind of hard searching for a pic of Paris Hilton without coming across porn.)

"The body type that is being celebrated now in Hollywood is beyond the reach of of most sixth-grade girls. It's a little boy's body." - Leigh Garfield, President, New Jersey chapter of the American Anorexia and Bulimia Association.

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