Sep 15, 2005

Freaky dreams

Had another scary as hell dream last night. I was in Paris meeting up with some friends at the Louvre. CS was there and said we needed to head to the nearest Wal-Mart. Even the shoddy retail giant from Arkansas has presence in France. I asked CS why and he said we need supplies for tonight.

A bunch of us went to Wal-Mart and CS, QD, SD, AS, and RO loaded up their shopping carts with guns, knives, food, and skateboards. I inquired as to what the items was for and they said it was because the werewolves were coming out at night.

Yes werewolves.

Without arguing I loaded up the car and got in thinking this was all some sort of strange joke. CS was driving like he was in NASCAR. He stated we needed to get to this store to get AV and JL before they get eaten. RO handed me a shotgun, knife, and skateboard and went into a big speech about how these weapons were sacred.


We pull into the store and sure enough out of nowhere werewolves appeared. They were howling as they were ripping apart the walls. I looked through a window and there was AV and JL holding shotguns and looking nervous. CS, QD, RO, and I started blasting away at the werewolves.

Now if Hollywood has taught me anything it's that silver bullets are the only way to kill the wretched wolves. This is wrong. I watched RO swing his skateboard and decapitate many of the foul beasts. Bad horror pictures will lead you astray. You've been warned.

For every one we killed it seemed like 10 popped up. AV and JL made it out of the store fighting with reckless abandon. CS yelled for us to split up. We mounted our skateboards and hauled ass.

Now whoever made my skateboard must've been a magician. I was skating like it was the X-Games. Tony Hawk had nothing on me. I was rail sliding everything. Wall riding became a cinch. All the while I was unloading my shotgun, which never ran out of ammo. It was like I was in a John Woo film.

The images I saw while skating were horrific. People getting eaten. Some transforming into the cursed werewolves. Screams. Madness. It sucked. Sucked ass.

I turned around and rode backwards. I saw a whole army of them coming straight after me. I shot more and more of them, but they kept coming. Suddenly everyone else appeared. QD screamed for us to head towards the river.

I followed them as they made a jump. I launched my skateboard off of the ramp and saw a huge sea of werewolves below. You couldn't even see water there was so many. We all started unloading into them.

Dream ended before I landed.

"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil." - James Allen

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Mattbear said...

Relax on the couch, Erik, let's talk about these dreams...

The "Dream Moods" dream dictionary says of Werewolves:

"...indicates that something in your life is not what it seems. It is symbolic of fear, repressed anger, and uncontrollable violence."

If I've done something to offend you, seriously dude, I'm sorry; don't hurt me please. :)

Of Skateboards (yes, skateboard specifically is in there):

"indicates that you have the gift of making any difficult situation look easy. You carry yourself with style and great composure in the hardest of situations."

Of shooting:

"indicates that you have a set goal and know what you are aiming for in life. Your plans are right on target!

To dream that you shoot a person with a gun, denotes your aggressive feelings and hidden anger toward that particular person."

Of stores:

"suggests that you are emotionally and mentally strained. Alternatively, you may be brainstorming for new ideas or looking for the various choices out there for you."

The river is perhaps the trickiest element, what with being clogged with werewolves, but I think this is the best fit:

"To see a raging river, signifies that your life is feeling out of control."

There you go, free amateur dream analysis. Me+Google+Free Time=Danger.