Sep 29, 2005

More car drama.

I got home last night and there was no place to park around my place. My Nigerian neighbors have no idea how to effectively park a vehicle and they are too scared to pull into the garage. All of them have either scrapes, dents, or damaged side mirrors from pulling in to the garage that is wide enough for their vehicles to fit safely.

This is common amongst my neighbors. The garage is now a storage area rather then used for parking. Since my roommates use the garage I have to always park outside. I pulled up the street behind me and parked.

I heard some commotion outside my place this morning. I stepped out and the old construction dude came up to me and asked if I owned a VW. I said yes and he stated that it got hit.

I went to my car and saw the most amazing thing. There was a sedan sitting in the middle of the road with the back end crunched. Across the street two staircases seemed to sustain some structural damage. One light, the other was completely destroyed. The car parked in front of me was up on the curb with it's axel broken and front end smashed. It was pinned up against my car and judging by the dry spots on the concrete it looks like my car was moved by at least a foot.

I talked with the cop and he said the girl driving "fell asleep" behind the wheel clipped one staircase then smashed into another. She then woke up and decided to throw it into reverse. Showing a great display of reflex she traveled down the street and smashed into the car parked in front of me which hit backed into mine. I believe this girl is morally against hitting the brake.

Luckily no one was hurt nor did my car suffer anything but cosmetic damage. I'm still going to have it taken in just in case. My neighbor was not so fortunate. Given the amount of front end damage sustained they're better off totaling the car.

I stood there for about 10 minutes trying to decipher how this wreck could've possibly happened. An island tortoise seems to have quicker reflexes considering the distance between the stairs and the car she hit. The Jiggaman has an interesting explanation.

"After the second wreck, I decided I better try to write before I got hit by a bus." - Paula Danziger

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