Sep 26, 2005

My kingdom for a pillow.

I helped someone move this morning. The move went really well actually. Short and easy. Tonight I'm working a graveyard shift. My mind is mush and my body is starting to grow numb.

Sleep. I need sleep. Coffee. Oh dear coffee. Those tasty beans flow through my system with zeal. Bless you you caffeinated beverage and everything you stand for.

When you're really tired you think up weird and useless stuff. I was contemplating what kind of food was served during treaty negociations. Whoever the neutral party hosting the talks could play a major factor in foreign diplomacy. If Germany, for example, served really bad meatloaf to the Pakistani delegation during a peace meeting about Kashmir well things could go awry very quickly. After pondering this for a while I came to the conclusion that this is not likely to happen given there's probably an agreement on what cuisine each nation's ambassador eats prior to the talks. Then I got mad at myself for wasting so much thought on such a banal subject.

There's a new reality show out there called Battle of the Network Reality Stars. My god it's painful. I saw this show the other night. You may remember Battle of the Network Stars from the late 70s/early 80s. Actors from the big three networks got together and competed in various athletic events to determine who was the more sporty out of the pool of coked up-self congratulatory hollywood brats.

Concept is the same except Bravo decided to use reality TV "stars" for various events. They also are employing the vote em off rule so popular in our current voyeuristic culture. It is as jaw droppingly bad as it sounds. It makes me physically angry just thinking about it. These jackasses get a new outlet to continue their 15 minutes. There's crying, backstabbing, yelling, trash talking, the whole nine. After watching about 5 minutes of it I pondered how these people exist. How do the pay their bills? Are they able to go grocery shopping? Can they operate machinery? They seem to have little talent other then acting like a horses ass. Again too much time spent on a useless subject.

I'm fading...fading quickly. I flipped the channel to South Park, cause that's quality programming. My turn signal...oh dear god I'm rambling. Sorry.

"Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep." ~Fran Lebowitz

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