Sep 1, 2005

On a somber note.

The devastation caused by hurricane Katrina has reached far beyond my expectations. When I first heard the news about the storm I thought it would just be another light home wreckage mess. The poverty, chaos, and death toll left in Katrina's wake is a sobering reminder of how small man really is.

Mother nature has unleashed her fury once again; yet we will somehow prevail. I hope that the anarchy portrayed by our major news outlets are overexagerated, but I'm skeptical. Living conditions such as those felt in that area can cause the strongest of people to react like animals.

I have been critical of the news coverage and the administration's severe lack of communicating their grief to the citizens. I also feel angered when I think so many national guard troops are deployed overseas in an unjust conflict rather then where they should be..protecting our soil. Regardless of the rants I make about these topics, please don't misunderstand them. I do not feel callous about the people who have been stricken with this catastrophe. They deserve our relief and our prayers.

I'm proud to work for a company that has already dedicated so much to the relief of the victims of Katrina's power.

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