Sep 11, 2005

More Renton gunfire.

So I heard gunfire again tonight. This seems to be happening on a monthly basis. I was sitting on my bed watching some really bad movie when I heard it. No it was no car backfiring, it was that distinct sound of a bullet leaving it's muzzle. Haven't heard sirens yet.

This morning I awoke to find my drug addled neighbor, who has recently been kicked out of his house, throwing his body up against his garage door. I didn't even ask nor tried to stop him. I inspected the door later to find no evidence of this. Maybe I was just seeing things.

Someone has been calling me leaving strange voice mails for someone named Sarah. I've had two of them while I was at dinner this evening. I had the phone turned off so not to disturb the meal. The guy, who goes by the name of Phil, never seems to ring when I'm able to answer it. The last voice mail disturbed me so much I called Phil. The voice mail went like this:

"Sarah, it's me again. Why don't you call me? This is for real ridiculous shit. You call me. I don't want to wait for you again."

I called Phil and told him he was dialing my phone, as my voice mail greeting states. He didn't believe me at first. I think at first he thought I was sleeping with this Sarah girl. Anyways he finally apologized stating it would never happen again. He then started rambling about how "his bitch" Sarah is a "fucking whore" and sleeps with "fucking any dumb ass."

I actually started chatting with the guy telling him he shouldn't refer to women that way and if he didn't like the girl to let her go. He kept saying how he will never get played and he will "reign shit fire" on anyone who plays him. I told him I had to go and the conversation ended. This all happened on the drive home from dinner.

The gunfire kind of spooked me. First thought was Phil shooting up my car then coming after me. Knowing my luck it still may happen.

Got to have dinner with a pretty girl tonight, so it was a good day overall. A cat did decide to lick my head though, but that's a story for another blog.

"When dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be sane." - Hermann Hesse

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elizab said...

Dude...that is freaky. And I too have noticed more gunfire in Renton lately. Not long back, some guy who'd been shot (but was apparently not dead) was dumped off at the apartments right next door to me. There were news crews out there and the whole nine yeards.