Sep 8, 2005

More obscenities on live news feeds.

During Vice President Cheney's trip to NOLA, the man pulling the strings gave a brief and seemingly off the cuff press conference. As Dick was telling the press the plans for cleaning up some bystander off camera made a few remarks to our second in command.

'Off camera, a protester shouts, "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney. Go fuck yourself." The camera remains on Cheney while we hear scuffling in the background.

A reporter asks Cheney, "Are you getting a lot of that Mr. Vice President?"

Cheney replies, "First time I've heard it., Must be a friend of John..., er, ah - never mind." Mild chuckling was heard by the members of the press.'

Brave man. I imagine Cheney has had people killed for less. There seems to be a common theme amongst cable news networks lately and that is the F word.

"We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators." - Dick Cheney

Video of man going off on Cheney

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