Sep 27, 2005


We are the byproducts of the failures of the counter culture.
We are the ones who keep a job where a difference was never made, yet we're too afraid to leave it.
We make more money then we did as starving students, yet we still can't save a dime.
We drink coffee from trendy shops and we buy their non-coffee related products.
We are closet reality TV watchers.
We have a ridiculous car payment for a vehicle we don't need.
We justify our debt.
We look up to our heroes who are nothing but fictional characters created by some hack novelist, screenwriter, etc.
We pack gyms and go on ridiculous diets all for the sake of image.
We have grown more attached to our toys.
We can order food yet are clueless on how to cook.
We have wine racks and consume expensive alcohol we don't really care about.
We buy clothes from an overpriced store in a mall.
We must carry electronic equipment that'll keep us in touch with everyone at all times.
We read books about war, young magicians, and simple philosophy and we'll go to our graves praising them as great literature.
We believing that watching a "deep" film released by a major Hollywood studio helps us stay grounded.
We own homes, cars, computers, and other items we deem as essential yet we couldn't fix a single problem with our so called necessity items.
We believe ourselves to be non comformists because we listen to jazz, disco, bluegrass, etc.
We jumped on the Gregorian chant bandwagon.
We respect the Dali Llama for reasons we don't understand.
We spend a lot of time participating in morning bathroom rituals we hate.
We are individuals just like all our friends.
We truly believe that everything we needed to know we learned in kindergarten.
We consume products we know will kill us.
We blog.
We recycle bottles yet we would not be caught dead walking.
We are unnecessary.

Wow I got a little weird there. My apologies.

"I flipped through catalogs and wondered: What kind of dining set defines me as a person?" - Fight Club.

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