Sep 19, 2005

North Korea suspends nuclear program.

North Korea today has decided to end it's nuclear program. The six party talks have marked a key milestone in international diplomacy. North Korea has been notorious for being stubborn about abandoning it's WMD and Kim Jong Il has made it no secret he is ready to use them. Since our President's infamous State of the Union speech, where he proclaimed North Korea as being part of the "axis of evil", North Korea has increased it's weapons manufacturing to an almost obscene level. Whether they really had much of a program or if the dictator was bluffing is something that will remain to be seen.

UN inspectors will be arriving in the country to oversee the disarmament. If they find anything then they report to the UN and we engage in more talks. Everything comes full circle unless one party goes off the deep end. If you do not see recent history repeating itself here well just kindly educate and/or kill yourself.

North Korea does receive some concessions which makes sense for all involved. All nation members of the talks have agreed to give energy and economic assistance to the normally hermit Stalinist regime. The old adage 'free trade ends wars' may work in this case given the benefits the DPRK will be receiving.

I would be more celebratory of this news; however I am skeptical of it's outcomes. North Korea, who has produced sensationalized propaganda such as this, has always been kind of the bastard uncle of the Pacific and has been known to back down on many treaties on a whim.

While I do get some sense of optimism out of seeing the six party talks I.......Aww you still don't give a shit about nuclear proliferation of insane dictators or my uneducated opinions on world politics do you? You wanted to hear about boobies.

"We oppose the reactionary policies of the U.S. government but we do not oppose the American people. We want to have many good friends in the United States." - Kim Jong Il

N. Korea agrees to give up nuclear program

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