Dec 14, 2005

Denver Post reporter uncovers secret of Hooters. He seemed to be surprised that their main attraction isn't their food.

Denver Post reporter John Henderson has been awarded today's Captain Obvious award for penning a mildly amusing story regarding the phenomenon that is Hooters. In his experience he found that the scantily clad waitresses were encouraged to keep a "socially acceptable" figure and often flirted with customers to receive bigger tips. He also notes that the food is incredibly bad and his experience there was enough to warrant him to never return.

How enlightening. I mean sure the article is tongue in cheek, but still how did this pass the editorial staff? It's not even that funny.

It may surprise some of you that I've never eaten at a Hooters restaurant. Even more surprising is that I really don't plan to. The idea of being served by hot women is nice; however I'd rather have good food. If I want pretty girls to flirt with me and pretend to act as if I'm the second coming of Johnny Depp I'll take my business to Rick's.

"Bill Clinton will no longer be President of the United States. He'll just be another chubby, middle-aged guy annoying the waitresses at Hooters." - Jay Leno

Visit to Hooters uncovers secret to its success

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