Dec 7, 2005

The intelligent design debate just turned ugly.

A Kansas professor was beaten and hospitalized allegedly for pulling a class concerning the intelligent design theory. The two men that beat him supposedly made remarks about his successful campaign to yank the class while they pummeled him.

This has gotten beyond ridiculous. I was pretty neutral on the intelligent design idea patiently waiting to review the evidence supporting the claim. Frustrated by the lack of study shown by the media I decided to surf and try to find it myself. Low and behold there hasn't been any research, at least none that's been submitted to the scientific academia.

Basically supporters of intelligent designs' only argument to the theory of evolution is that the probability is so dramatically high that there must be some sort of guiding force. There is no proper way to test this theory as it is abstract, but they still want our public school biology teachers to be required to propose this to our students.

Many private Christian campuses are even calling the idea bogus, citing that they can't possibly deem this as science. Theology yes, scientific fact no.

I'm so uncomfortable with giving our public school teachers any power to teach about God to our kids. I want my kids to learn about God the proper way, through the home and the church. I don't want some public educator, who may or may not be competent, possibly giving them ridiculous notions of God. Intelligent design is just a another way to mask the higher power concept and force it upon our children.

Supporters of this should really take a step back and think about what they are doing. Do they really want the idea of God being preached by low paid teachers? Do they want their kids to become possibly misinformed as to their theories on a heavenly father? If you want your children to have the education that includes faith the private school sector can accommodate you, as it did my folks. Looking back on the public teachers I had after I left Catholic school I'm glad none of them tried to instill their beliefs on me.

I wish certain Christians would stop doing this. It can be embarrassing for people of faith and it does make a non-believer more skeptical about the nature of God. Maybe this intelligent design theory is really the work of Satan. Yes the dark lord is behind it all. Remember he can appear as an angel of light.

I do wonder if Darwin took out the concept of man evolving from ape from his theories how evolution would be viewed today? Some Christians I know, including myself and faith based colleges, believe that all organic life evolve. We can see it happen. That doesn't mean there is no God, Christ, Allah, Buddha, or whatever. Sadly I seem to be in the minority. Evolution has become a four letter word in most churches.

"I love fools' experiments. I am always making them." - Charles Darwin

Professor beaten; attackers cite KU creationism class

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