Dec 26, 2005

Matt's Official Communism Test.

My coworker Elizabeth has Matt's Official Communism Test posted on her web site. This was created as the result of Matt's inability to accept people into our warm melting pot if they don't like Tootsie Rolls or prefer to ride a bicycle. The tongue firmly embedded in cheek test is quite amusing.

I took the test and I'm 23% godless communist according to Matt. His definition of the percentage is:

"All in all, you're not bad. Perhaps it's not your fault; maybe you had a sheltered childhood, or grew up in Oregon or Canada. At any rate, there's still hope for you."

Kind of funny considering I did grow up in Oregon.

"All I know is I'm not a Marxist." - Karl Marx

Matt's Official Communism Test

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Mattbear said...

I appreciate the plug. Elizabeth once noticed a spike in the hits to the Communism Test and found that someone had stumbled across it and posted it in an Irish political forum. All these Irish guys were taking it...they didn't really get it, but they did find it amusing to some degree.

And to give credit where credit is due, the humorous descriptions of the percentage ranges was all Elizabeth. My personal favorite of course being "0% - You are Matt."

I gave Elizabeth an expanded and redefined 50 question test over a year ago, but she hasn't put it up. Perfectly fair since I told her I would do it about a year and a half before I actually did.