Dec 28, 2005


When I think of people that inspired me back when I was a teenager I remember Ansel Adams, Winston Churchill, Howie Long, and Hunter S Thompson. When you poll teenagers for their inspirtation most would be musicians, religious figures, and other assorted celebrities.

The teen magazine Sugar, which targets teenage girls, recently took a poll of the most inspirational people. The results are:

1 Sienna Miller
2 Gwen Stefani
3 Kerry Katona (I don't even know who that is)
4 Kylie Minogue
5 Hilary Duff
6 Charlotte Church
7 Jessica Simpson
8 Paris Hilton
9 Jessica Alba
10 Christina Aguilera

The fact that any of these people made the list is sad enough, but Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson? Just what do these women inspire the teenagers to do? Ametuer porn and constant exhibitionism?

Why is Sienna Miller inspiring? Is it because she was cheated on by Jude Law? Doesn't this seem ridiculous? Just remember there are reasonable rational adults who find Hillary inspiring for staying with the philandering Bill Clinton.

Now I know this poll is not scientific and doesn't reflect all teenagers, but it still frightens the shit out of me. If any of you have daughters I pity you. If any of those daughters read Sugar I suggest you sit down and have a long talk with them.

"Wal-Mart... do they like make walls there?" - Paris Hilton

Sienna Miller is the most inspiring, say teens

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Mattbear said...

Lowest common denominator, man. And from the look of Sugar, they are the lowest common denominator for teen girls. I mean, I checked their site real quick, and here's their cover with Mariah Carey (I think) and the biggest, boldest print says "386 boys confess what is sexy". Who needs that article? If we're talking boys, not men, all 386 responses would actually be, "boobies". Also, Sugar is British, and we know those damn limeys are weird anyway. :)

I'm sure if you polled a thousand teen boy readers of, say, Maxim (is there a male equivalent to Sugar? I doubt it) about their role models, I have a feeling Nick Lachey and Kevin Federline would hit the ranks just for banging their respective spouses.

I am grateful I have a son and not a daughter, because I think it's just easier on a man that way. If I did have a daughter, I would sure hate to see her reading shit like Sugar. Now if I can just keep my boy away from Maxim when he's 14...