Dec 30, 2005

Excuse usually reserved for a man.

Usually when you hear about home break ins most of the time it involves theft of goods. Sometimes the stories get strange, like a naked man wearing a Nixon mask raids the panty drawer and pours himself a glass of milk only to be chased off by a robed old guy brandishing a katana. This story though really boggles the mind.

Woman reported to police she woke up to find a stranger typing on her computer. The guy took off, but she found that he had installed erotic screensavers. Now working in tech support I've heard all the excuses for porn on the computer. Usually some man of varying age would call in with a panicked voice demanding we help them remove the naked lesbians from his internet browser before mom, wife, girlfriend, or even boyfriend (yes that was a strange call) got home. Never had I heard them use the someone broke into my house excuse.

If this is true what sent the guy into thinking that breaking into a house and downloading porn was a good idea? I can imagine him watching reruns of Knight Rider then thinking to himself, "I should be the porn fairy and spread the good cheer that is erotic photography to the community."

"They want to be like me . They're seeing the glamour icon but don't realize . . . there are more facets to me besides spreading my legs." - Jenna Jameson

Woman says intruder left porn on her computer

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