Dec 18, 2005

White hot chocolate rules.

I went to a holiday party on Saturday night over at Matt and Jen's place. Matt made some fine white hot chocolate. I've never had it before, but I hope to again. Rich, but delicious.

The party was fun. We had white elephant gifts which were passed around while Matt gave the queues 'right' and 'left' from a story. I ended up with tea which I unfortunatley left there. I was hoping for the jelly beans and lollipop. Sadly that gift was passed left one too many times.

It was a good get together filled with drink, food, and good company. I did find out that some people there refer to me as the "ass man" which is a story for another blog. Good times.

"A relationship is an organism. You created this thing and then you starved it, so it turned against you. Same thing happened to the Blob." - Jerry Seinfeld

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