Dec 18, 2005

A wedding and an auto accident.

This weekend was full of goodies. I finally got my shopping done which is a relief to end all. I came underbudget this year which is a rarity for me. I buy too much stuff for my nephews anyways.

My shopping was less then successful though. Earlier this month I decided to get a stocking stuffer for the Pretty Girl. I went to an online store to find some USC memorabilia. I find a pair of Game Cock earrings. Hey she likes her old college stomping grounds and she likes jewelry. I thought I was a friggin genius. She then pings me one day and tells me she's wearing USC stuff including earrings. Ye Gods.

CS has been wanting Battlefront 2 for about a month. I went out and picked it up for him. The next day we converse over IM and he tells me I should come over and play Battlefront 2 since he just bought it. Crap.

I made other purchases and I do hope they like them as much.

Friday consisted of a gift exchange with Ellie, her boyfriend Friend (yes that's his given name), and Tristan. Ellie gave me a Star Wars Pez dispenser collectors set which is way cool. It's proudly displayed in my bedroom. I bought her a naughty gift set. Use your imagination. Friend was kind of weirded out that someone other then her boyfriend got her that stuff, but I assured him that it was for the both of them. Besides it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Saturday I went to Harang's wedding. It was at the Blessed Sacrament church in Seattle. Beautiful church really. I envied the photographer. She must have got some great shots in that place.

The 'Here Comes the Bride' march was replaced by 'Tiny Dancer' sans vocals. Interesting.

It was a good service. The Jiggaman looked all dapper in his tux and Harang had that combination nervous but happy grin throughout. I've been to many weddings since I used to be a photographer and I've never seen a bride look more excited. If I get a bride I pray that she's that happy.

I started to travel to the reception and I missed my turn onto Union. I turn right on the next block and a pedestrian walked in front of me. I slam the brakes and so did the guy behind me. The guy behind him however kept going and I ended up getting rearended. I immediately jump out of the car and see the guy behind me was bleeding. He only had a lap belt in the car and he ate the steering wheel. I check on the guy behind me who's fighting to get out behind the air bag. Thankfully mine didn't deploy.

We pull off to a parking lot and I called the cops. There was no damage to my car, but I stuck around to make a statement. Johnny Law didn't show up for about 40 minutes and it took forever to get it all worked out since he was attending to the guy bleeding. He may need dental work, but really he was fine. Luckily you can't even tell my car was even hit. After the whole ordeal was done I figured the reception was probably winding down anyways so I went home.

"Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts." - William Shakespeare

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