Dec 14, 2005

Nun abuse.

Chinese authorities arrested eleven people for beating the snot out of sixteen nuns. Ensuring a quick trip to Hades 40 guys armed themselves with sticks and stormed a scheduled to be demolished church when the Catholic servants refused to leave. Not surpisingly the Vatican quickly denounced the violence.

It would have been cool if the nuns were trained in the martial arts and whooped ass on the thugs. Sister Mary Numchucks would have a bunch of throwing stars hidden under her garments and Mother Amy Akido would throw down with her dragon fist Kung-Fu style. It would make a great straight to video film starring Billy Zane and Michele Yeoh.

"You don't see the streets crawling with priests and nuns the way you used to. A lot of the priests go around now in ordinary civilian clothes. And it's hard to distinguish a nun from a housewife anymore except they have a special kind of haircut." - Frank McCourt

Chinese police detain eleven people for allegedly beating up nuns

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Mattbear said...

Fucking hell. I'm not even Catholic - not religious at all- and I have to look at that and think "that is seriously fucked up".

I mean, beating somebody up is bad enough, but beating up nuns? What's next, tough guy, gonna roll up to the senior center and whoop some elderly ass down there?