Dec 5, 2005

No more Xbox

The Jiggaman tried to install a DVD player in his Xbox only to accomplish breaking it. His Xbox now boots to a screen that asks you to contact Xbox customer service. The old CD player won't even work. Unfortunate since I was looking forward to playing it with RO this week.

Every few months work distributes parking passes to it's employees. I renewed mine this month and they gave me a nice light purple one. Yes that's light purple. Good god it's hideous.

I'm not sure what is left in store for me this evening, but after the events described above I can't imagine that it'll be pleasant. If something ridiculously bizarre happens to me I hope the local paper will at least publish an interesting headline. "Elderly shirtless man chases tech worker through local high school with a chainsaw. Old man heard screaming 'A penny saved is another wine cooler drinking kangaroo.'"

"Due to success of the site we decided to take the whole smashing thing a little further, and destroy things right when they come out, in front of 100s of fanboys who would be quite upset to see their beloved game console smashed." -

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