Dec 31, 2005

Need an ego boost? has software that will scan your photo and match which celebrity you most look like. I spent some time scanning me and some friends for matches. Some of the results turned sideways, such as one of my pics had me matched with Kirsten Duntz and another with Leo Dicaprio. WFT?? I look nothing like those two in any pic. Out of all my pics I turned out looking like Kenneth Branagh the most. Sad really I couldn't get matched with Johnny Depp or Sean Connery.

"My definition of success is control." - Kenneth Branagh

Face recognition


Mattbear said...

I get no matches. Oh well.

GeekManGreg said...

I got Howard Dean. WTF? I mean, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!"

Wiwille said...

Mattbear - I took one pic of you and it matched you with Peter Jackson (61%) Ringo Starr (55%) Emile Zola (47%) and even Babe Ruth (44%).