Mar 14, 2006

All dogs go to heaven. Jews however....

The Rev Jerry Falwell was quoted once as stating that Jews have the possibility of seeing the kingdom of God without accepting Christ. I found this interesting; however I'm no biblical scholar.

Well he now reports that he never said that. This was misquoted from the meeting of the Rev John Hagee, a neo-conservative Texas televangalist, and rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg. Rev Hagee believes that since Jews belonged to the "old" covenant they fulfilled their duties to the Lord and therefore will be taken into heaven. Neither Hagee nor Scheinberg comment on Belloq's theft of the covenant nor the recovery by the intrepid tough guy Dr Jones.

Falwell disagrees. He denies making any such statements and cements his belief that Jews have no chance of eternal bliss without accepting Jesus. He does accept the Jews as "God's chosen people", yet God's favored will burn apparently.

Again I'm no theologian, but this is all kind of depressing. I would actually like to see Falwell and Hagee debate their points on the salvation of the Jews. Of course in my silly mind after the debate was over they'd be locked in a cage in a no holds barred mixed martial arts match.

"If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being." - Jerry Falwell


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