Mar 31, 2006

Myspace: The Russian invasion.

I have a Myspace account that I use to keep up with some friends. Most of them use Myspace as their blog so in order to see it I had to sign up. I thought about using it, but I prefer Blogger as it's just more pleasing to the eye if nothing else. Plus I find a lot of the stuff on Myspace kind of annoying. I get sick of going to a friend's site to be blasted with bad music (yeah I'm talking to you Andrea) or NSFW videos and pics.

The one thing I do find amusing about Myspace is the spam I get. Most of it's from girls telling me how hot I am in my picture and how much they want to meet me. The funny thing is I don't have a real picture of me anywhere on the page. My profile image is a South Park characticture.

Listed below are two emails I've received from Mother Russia:

I live in Russia I very much was interested by your questionnaire
(funny I don't have a questionnaire) and it would be pleasant to me to meet you more close It seems, from us, excellent pair could be going to. If you are interested in the further attitudes With the woman from Russia you can write to me On my e-mail: I very much would like it, you have answered me, As you very much have interested me. I would be very pleased to this! I very much would like to become your new friend. I hope on reciprocity, and I wait your letter with Impatience. Yours Irina!!!!!!!!!!!!

This next one accompanied a pretty hot photo:

Hi stranger!!! My name is Irina. You do not know me also I would like that we have learned each other. Your structure has very much interested me (I've never been told I have interesting structure, but I'll take any compliment I can get) and it has seemed for me interesting and I have decided to write to you. I would like that you we have learned each other better. If you are interested in me and want to learn about me more that can write to me on mine E-mail I shall wait for your letter. Irina.

This one seems to be from the states, but with the strange grammar I'm not sure. Again it's accompanied by a nice looking pic:

Hello how are you doing,its a splendid and a memorable day of sending you this mail (I've never had a splendid and memorable day sending email. Maybe I'm just not living life to the fullest). I was really knock off my feet when i went through your photo album (which I have none),to really say the fact you are fabulous profile,i mean you speak too tight (my profile and my blog are almost void of any description of me),I will like to get to know you much better,i know we can get the best out each other.Less i for get my name Lizzy...well you could also reach me at

Ah yes, what a wonderful thing Myspace is. Bringing lovers together across continents.

"Oh, where is the poet or bard who will compose an ode to Russian rumors? Thanks to the chronic shortage of truthful (or even false) information, our people live on rumors." - Boris Yeltsin


jinsane said...

That is funny as hell.

I, too, had to join MySpace because of my sister and a few friends, and it is the most obnoxious site I've ever had to endure. I hate it!

Blogger is so much easier to digest.

P.S. Are you planning any trips to Russia??

Wiwille said...

Jinsane - Not any time soon.

elizab said...

Oh c'mon now, we had many a splendid and memorable day sending email!