Mar 30, 2006

My birthday present.

I've received some interesting gifts in my time. I once received a subscription to a comic book and I'll be receiving it again this year. One friend gave me a big box of porn to which I opened right in front of my then girlfriend. She wasn't amused, but I was. There is one this year; however, that made me laugh my ass off.

I came home from work yesterday morning to find a black t-shirt hanging from my door knob. I figured it was going to be another hand me down from my roommate, the Jiggaman. See the Jiggaman often gets tired of his attire so he hands them down to me to do with as I please. This shirt, though, was my birthday gift from him.

The picture on the top left is what I received. I was informed I should wear this shirt with "brokeback" pride. With pride I shall wear this all of my days.

"Most nights I end up wearing a wife beater T-shirt and boxers." - Jessica Alba

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jinsane said...

I think you should definitely wear it with pride! What a trip! Anything with humor or thinly veiled sarcasm is right up my alley!