Mar 29, 2006

Attention women who purchase big boobs: Men might look at them.

A woman had plastic surgery to change her B-cup bosom to an enormous DD. She is now suing her employer for unwanted attention as she claims he's been looking at them and making comments, such as requesting her to close her cardigan "unless you want me to talk to your breasts."

This is one of those lawsuits where every party involved is a friggin moron. Then again I'm so horrible about keeping eye contact with women I'll probably get sued, maced, stabbed in the right testicle by a jealous boyfriend who watches pro wrestling and wears shirts that display the Confederate flag just because I allegedly was standing in a woman's house with a 38-500mm zoom lens and a quick shutter trying to get a shot of the girl changing in her bathroom cause after all if she didn't want anyone to see her she should've locked the door because....uhhh....

"I'm so scared girls look at my breast implants and think, 'To get boys, you need big boobs.' I tell them, 'Don't get it done. Those fears go away. You develop other insecurities, but breasts aren't one of them.' I want to get them half-size." - Jenny McCarthy

Boss sued over 'breast attention'

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jinsane said...

I can't stand women like this! Hopefully, a man, with any sense, knows that not all women are so shallow and self-evolved.

What a stupid bitch!