Mar 17, 2006

Movie theatres struggle.

Doesn't your heart bleed when you hear about movie theatre companies and how they're losing money? There have been all sorts of excuses why this is, such as the quality of movies, cellphones, piracy, and better home systems. I'm going to a list a few of my excuses as well.

I've never been in a theatre and heard a cell phone go off. Ever. The biggest complaint I have about going to movies is people chatting it up. I had many experiences with this, but none so bad as when I went to see "Cast Away." The movie was okay, but the people behind us, in front of us, and all over the place were cracking jokes, talking amongst themselves about shit non related to the film, and even loudly giving advice to Tom Hank's character. I guess they thought Tom would look into the camera and say "thanks for the advice you in third row center. I'll try that out." I told most of them to shutup, but few honored my request.

There's really nothing that the theatres can do other than beef up the ushers and kick people out, but that could cause more of a disturbance than the idle banter. My buddy Joe saw someone get shot in a theatre in Kent which started because some guy was annoyed by another guys loud mouth. I'm not kidding.

It also annoys me that I'm bombarded by advertisements before the film then have to look at numerous product placements during the movie. I see enough ads in my life, especially online. It's bad enough that the lobby keeps trying to sell me overpriced crap, but I hate sitting in the theatre being told I need to watch shows like "The Biggest Loser." Speaking of which if they're so worried about revenue why are they advertising TV shows?

Piracy is a problem; however it's not as big as the industry thinks it is. I do know people who instead of support the industry they burn copies and distribute to friends. This happens all the time. They'd rather watch the film on their computer, which I don't understand. Keep in mind these are the same people that complain about the quality of the movies, but don't do anything to support the ones that are good. Happily these people are in the minority.

I still go to movies, and for the most part it's an enjoyable experience. Most people I know would rather sit at home. I don't really get this as I'm home enough of my day and I'd rather go somewhere. And I truly like watching films on the big screen as the director intended it. It heightens the experience, at least in mine.

"Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater." - Roman Polanski

Movie Theaters Try to Keep Things Quiet

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Mattbear said...

I'm with ya, man. I love going to the theater. It's a ritual-like thing for me, an experience that I love every time. Unfortunately, I think you and I are going the way of the dodo - most people would rather rent or copy or Netflix it. I fear the movie theater may be a doomed thing, my friend; and our ritual may be gone in the near future.