Mar 30, 2006

Prayer doesn't help I guess.

A new study has been done indicating that prayer doesn't help patient's recovery after heart bypass surgery. In fact those that received prayer seem to have more complications.

What the article on this doesn't account for is which God they were praying to. Was it the Christian God? Allah? Great Spirit? Dionysus? Ring Element of the Fourth Water Spirit of Eternia? Lemmy?

I was always taught that God does answer prayers, but a lot of times he'll say no. That was my parochial school's explanation for why the retarded kid wouldn't miraculously turn normal.

"Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines." - Satchel Paige

Study: Prayer doesn't affect heart patients


jinsane said...

Sometimes the best gifts of all are unanswered prayers.

And, yes, that's a cheesy line from a Garth Brooks song.

Sue me.

Wiwille said...

Jinsane - You can expect litigation soon.

Mattbear said...

The funding for this had to come from someone. Maybe we can get funding for a great study like this. I think we should focus on the Lemmy aspect. Do people get healthier if others pray to Lemmy on their behalf? What if the prayers are sent to Lemmy in postal mail, so he reads them?

I think we'll need at least $250K to complete this research.

elizab said...

I think the problem may be that they studied the wrong end of prayer - "In fact those that received prayer seem to have more complications" - now, anyone who's seen Bruce Almighty (a bad movie which I loved) knows that being on the receiving end of the world's prayers is stressful and demanding, which would explain its detrimental effect on heart patients.