Mar 20, 2006

All work and no foreplay make call center go crazy.

Unless you've never had to call a major company about tech support, credit card charges, or even booking flights, you're probably aware that India has seen most of the economic benefits of American companies moving their call centers over there.

Not only are Indian workers seeing higher wages and a better standard of living, but they get to enjoy a lot of sex. Yes not only do they take angry calls from the frustrated denizens of the computer illiterate, but they also get some good oral on the side. According to recent polls many employees of the call centers are constantly sleeping with each other. It sort of reminds me of the time I worked mind.

I worked with a guy who currently resides in India. He claims this is not true citing that the call centers would have zero attrition. He's probably right, but still the poll numbers are eye opening.

"The companies should insist on certain standards. I want to make sure these call centers do not become dens of evil." - Shankar Rao, deputy commissioner of the New Delhi Police.

Indian call centers dens of sex and drugs?

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