Mar 20, 2006

You will believe a major news outlet can suck.

MSNBC is a website which I visit often. I do like the writing that's on the site; however some of their news stories really bother me. I know celebrity gossip is important to a lot of people, but MSNBC decided to list a link to Paris Hilton's relationship status in their "Top News Stories" section.

So many people want her to go away, and yet so many people will not let that happen, namely her. It's a conspiracy at the highest level. I see a board room with Paris, Tara Reid, and Lindsey Lohan where they have compromising photographs of major news outlet editors and they continually call them to remind them of this fact if they don't print a daily story about them.

Okay maybe the threesome of suck aren't so insidious. Maybe it's the public who keeps demanding news about these vacuous celebrities. I don't know what the fascination is nor do I understand what more could I learn about Paris that hasn't been said in her homemade videos.

Oh and if you do care about who Paris Hilton dates I hate you. Yes I hate you as much as I do hemorrhoids. You must be stopped at all cost. In fact I think the DMV should ask "Do you care about Paris Hilton?" on their drivers license renewal forms. If you say yes your license will be revoked immediately and you will be forced to read Noam Chomsky.

"All British people have plain names, and that works pretty well over there." - Paris Hilton

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