Mar 21, 2006

Heading to the south.

Tomorrow I go on vacation (cue the Go-Gos music). The Pretty Girl and I will be heading to her home state of North Carolina to attend Shari and Noah's wedding. While I'm down there I'll be meeting the Pretty Girl's family for the first time as well as celebrating my birthday.

Yes I'm nervous about the meeting of the parents. Not that nervous though. I once dated a girl who's father was a former drill sergeant for the Army. Unless her dad is a UFC fighter I'm going to try and keep a cool head.

The Pretty Girl has been going over information I should keep to myself, such as my past legal trouble involving drunken disorderly, minor in possession of alcohol, and indecent exposure. I thought that keeping things like this under wraps is a wise decision. From what she's told me it sounds like her parents are really conservative. I find it odd thinking of my folks as the "liberal" ones.

Wish me luck.

"It still surprises me when I find something in any North Carolina newspaper that isn't mad at me about something." - Jesse Helms

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jinsane said...

I hope your vacay goes better than mine did! I'm sure you will impress the 'rents with your wit and charm!

BTW: Happy Birthday!!!