Mar 7, 2006

Paul Allen is at it again.

The seventh richest man in the world is upset he's losing money on his NBA team the Portland Traiblazers. What do businessmen usually do in times of financial collapse? Create a better product maybe? Ask for private investors for assistance? Declare bankruptcy?

Paul Allen, who's worth over 21 billion dollars, believes that public funds should be distributed to his organization to keep his team within the Portland area. Never mind that the Blazers are losing on the court as well as creating controversy. I always thought if you created a good team you might get people to fill the stands, but that's me.

Oregon is suffering from financial ruin. Their education system is in shambles as well as law enforcement and basic public services. Somehow the wealthy man that is Paul Allen has decided that tax dollars are better spent on teams that don't bring in much revenue than being spent on the future of our children.

Washington gave Allen the Seahawk stadium even though their tax dollars could be wisely spent elsewhere. I usually respect peoples' decisions at the poles, but seriously everybody in my state who thinks public funds are best suited for a private business that hardly brings in much money have a twisted set of priorities.

"When it comes to helping out, I don't believe in doing it for the media attention. My goal is to support the organizations that need help." - Paul Allen

Blazers lob up an SOS, minus the fine print

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