Mar 28, 2006

I'm back.

I sat on the plane back heading back to Seattle reading a copy of 'Catcher in the Rye'. The flight was packed with a screaming baby, a movie playing, and scattered turbulence. The Pretty Girl was sitting by the window resting her head on her pillow trying to get some sleep.

The trip started out pretty uneventful. Paulette picked us up and drove us to the airport. The whole time she was blabbering on about her personal life speaking in a fashion that would make the average cattle auctioneer envious. I drowned out most of the rambling focusing on the fateful moment of meeting The Pretty Girl's folks.

We took a red eye from Seatac and after a short lay over in Newark we arrived in North Carolina. The stay was pretty uneventful. We ate at bad restaurants, met the parents and friends, and mostly lounged about the house.

We had dinner with some old high school friends of hers. It was me and six other girls sitting at a dinner table. I heard all sorts of gossip about people I've never met. I sat back and kept quite while the girls rattled on about high school folk and playing catch up. I wished I recorded the whole thing. It would make a great screenplay. I think the girls appreciated me not butting into their whole sewing circle, at least I hope.

Shari and Noah's wedding was a treat. After a rain delay the ceremony commenced without incident. The nuptials were short and sweet. The reception was the highlight. We had a sit down dinner which had the best food out of the entire vacation. Everything tasted great. The open bar was a plus and the company at the table were fun. There wasn't any dancing or people passing out, at least before we left, but I'm glad I went.

Went to church on Sunday and then ate at a blah buffet restaurant. That evening the family started a backyard campfire and we roasted smores and I got my birthday cake. A great choice by The Pretty Girl who picked out caramel cheescake.

Monday we went to a park, paddle in boats, rode a train, and played on the carousel. The day was ended by getting on a plane and heading back home.

I glanced over at The Pretty Girl who fell asleep. The sounds of the plane and it's passengers completely vanished as all I could see and feel was her, sound asleep, looking peaceful. I stroked her hair for a moment hoping she wouldn't wake up. She seemed happy with life at that moment, and seeing that made the whole trip worth it.

"No self-respecting southerner uses instant grits, I take pride in my grits" - My Cousin Vinny

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jinsane said...

Your last paragraph was the best. Damn it - I'm gonna cry!

Glad you got back safely!