Mar 21, 2006

It pays to be hot.

All charges have been dropped against Debra Lafave, the infamous teacher who slept with a 14 year old student. Prosecutors tried in vain to keep the "victim" from testifying on the stand, but the judge ruled otherwise. When hearing the prosecution's dismal of the case the judge was quoted as saying, "Quite frankly, if the allegations against the defendant are true, the agreed-upon sentence shocks the conscience of this court."

The resulting press conference was almost comical if not depressing. Lafave avoided questions about the media and publics's fascination with her looks as well as stating that there was no double standard because she's a woman. She claimed there was data that backed her claim, but of course neither her or her lawyer provided any. If she were ugly and/or had a penis you bet she'd be sitting in a jail cell.

What was disturbing about this is that she didn't seem remorseful at all. She kept blaming her bi-polar disorder. I know people who are bi-polar and none of them have slept with underage kids. She also blamed the media for causing pain in her life, but now says she's taking online courses to become a journalist.


MSNBC has an interesting video clip of the press conference as well as comments by her poor bastard of an ex-husband. He now has to go through the rest of his life as the guy who's wife cheated on him with a teenager.

"I want the world to see that bipolar is real. Not one time has the media brought up the subject of my bipolar. I challenge you to read a book or an article on bipolar illness." - Debra Lafave

Charges dropped in teacher sex scandal

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