Mar 10, 2006

Be careful what you buy your kid.

So I posted about beer today, so I thought a story about breasts would be prudent. Two guys thought it would be a great idea to ask their parents for tickets to a local "Girls Gone Wild" show. The parents were tricked into thinking it was a concert, which was partially true considering there was music, but ma and pa didn't count on nudity. Days later the parents were shocked to read about the details of what happened at the event.

I would never have the guts to ask my parents for that for my birthday, but it would rule if they offered it. Actually that might freak me out. Ehhh...I'm actually quite disturbed now. Excuse me while I go somewhere and cry.

"I told the boys that I was just disgusted with them. I said, 'Is this what we bought for your birthday?'" - Sally Ball, the mens' parents.

'Wild,' articles spark outrage

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