Aug 8, 2006

Bring back the curves.

Given that I take little importance on personal appearance it would be arrogant of me to go on a rant about the state of celebrity skinny and it's affect on the health of our nation, but really has any of my posts been grounded in experience, knowledge, and/or an overwhelming sense of wisdom? No you say? Okay.

I'm going to go on one anyways. Would you expect anything less?

If anthropologists studied us only by our celebrities years from now their first questions would be what, if anything, did our women eat? When looking at a lot of women in the public spotlight it's logical to assume that weighing 100 lbs or less is in. To weigh 125 lbs means your a lard ass and will never achieve happiness.

I for one want it to stop. Right now. I mean end it. I'm sick and tired of the skinny look. There are millions of people like me. We won't take it anymore. I understand there are more pressing matters concerning the world body politic, but I'm going off on this one.

First it's a matter of taste. I like curves and 100 lb women don't have em. Well without implants that is and that seems to make matters worse. I like it when a woman looks like...well...a woman and not a 10 year old boy. I know men who do seem to be into the anerexic look and I've never understood it. If you don't like boobs and a shapely behind then you may want to think about if women are your actual focus.

Second it's just unhealthy. Who wants to put someone through all the physical pain of trying to achieve an almost impossible beauty standard? Men who expect women to starve themselves to the point of preferring females to stick a finger down their throat in the bathroom than to eat a tasty burger are dangerous and foul creatures. Guys you need therapy. Or a good beating. I'll be happy to help out with the latter.

Third there are selfish reasons such as the fact that I almost took it personally when Christina Ricci and Jennifer Connelly gave up their gorgeous curves in favor of a Kate Moss look. Sure I'll never meet these girls much less marry them, but damn I miss their look of old.

Fourth is I don't want another generation of girls looking up to these women as the standard. Granted the responsibility lies with the women as far as what they do to their bodies, but I cannot imagine what it's like being female and face the pressure of society demanding I look radiant at all times. It's got to be a nightmare for girls. Hell I don't even shave on a regular basis.

Now some may say we've always been obsessed with skinny, but the data shows that it's worse as time progresses. I recently read that 25 years ago models weighed an average of 8 percent less than the mean weight of women at that time. Now the peddlers of often ridiculous trends weigh 23 percent less than today's average female. Have women packed on that much weight in that time?

Kiera Knightley is one of the prettiest actresses out there, but I couldn't deal with being able to look at her and count all her rib bones. I just want to tell this to all women though. Men, at least real men, don't like to see your skeleton so eat a sandwich and quit your diet of ice, coffee, and no doz pills.

"And I'm happy that I'm not super skinny." - Alicia Keys

The shape we're in


Mattbear said...

Preach it, Brother Erik! Amen. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Kiera Knightly lost so much weight she's been bumped from my "Top 5" and been replaced by Scarlett Johannsen. This will, I am sure, be a crushing blow to her ego when she reades about it in "People" later this week.

CitySoul said...

well, I've always naturally had that skinny frame...I always hated it...I wanted curves, and was called anorexic...even though I never was...but hey...I think I have a curve or two on me