Aug 4, 2006

A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

When viewing the conflicts all over the Middle East one has a difficult time separating fact from fiction. Living a comfortable life in the Northwest I feel disconnected from the pain the world is suffering and give trust, somewhat too much, in the media to act as the mouthpiece for the citizens who are trapped in global crisis.

When I see images of people who are living a life of agony I assume them to be true. I don't want to think that people would stoop so low as to pull my heart strings to try and further their agendas. Even being the cynic that I am I can't help but view the news with an overwhelming sense of sympathy for groups of people who are caught in the middle of a strife that is much larger than they may understand.

The current videos being displayed by Hezbollah allegedly staging a massacre made me angry. Am I too much of a softy to look at new objectively? Has my upbringing made me so naive to immediately assume the best from people?

For anyone who has any interest in the conflict in the Middle East, public relations, or the power of media you may find this video of the area the Palestinians call "Martyrs Junction" as fascinating as I did:

"I cannot recognize either the Palestinian state or the Israeli state. The Palestinians are idiots and the Israelis are idiots." - Muammar Qadhafi


Mattbear said...

I'm a little confused by what you wrote here...was there a different video of Hezbollah staging an attack or something? Because this video is older, and not of Hezbollah necessarily.

I am pretty firmly on the side of Israel in the current conflict. They are one nation literally surrounded by enemies who want to wipe them off the map. Yes, they are violent, and I doubt their violence will really solve anything. But considering the violent people they are up against, I can't blame them for defending their people, or even retaliating when a couple of their people are wronged.

I think many westerners lack an understanding of just how tough Israel has it. They are facing deadly, dangerous bullies, and if they flinch, they will be beaten. When America was attacked, our people responded with outrage and demanded something be done. It has sent us into two wars, one of which had nothing to do with the original attack. But Israel has faced the same threat, again and again, for nearly 60 years. I would expect them to fight at the slightest provocation. To not fight means their own destruction.

Wiwille said...

Mattbear - I was earlier referring to an allegedly staged event by Hezbollah where they carried a dead child around and cried, even going so far as to change the corpse's clothes. It was strange. I should've linked to it.

The video below, which I allude to being in a Palestinian area and not Lebanon, is an oldie, but it was a perfect example of how the media and anti-Israeli people can be duped into taking sides in this horrid conflict.

I agree with you btw. Will wonders never cease.

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for contacting Erik.