Aug 22, 2006

You keep requesting and I'll keep posting.

Ahh another day another friend request on MySpace, this time from Bambina who's not unlike another user that wanted to be my online buddy a while ago. My comments of course will be in red. Let's enjoy:

About Me:
M`S`N = TANKTOPLUV@HOTMAIL.COM (Tank top luv? Now that's something new. Is this like a shoe fetish?) - ADD ME . IM TRYING TO MEET SOME NEW FRIENDS CAUSE I JUST MOVED -----________----------__________ Turn-ons: Abs,asses, boobs, tongues, tattoos, piercings, soft skin, shaved down there, eyes, lips, tight jeans, hot cologne, motor bikes, hot cars, 3-somes, porn, chocolate!!! (Similar to SexyMonica. Could they be the same bot or perhaps they're real people with like minds? We should hook these two up.) Turn-offs: Smelly people, hairy people, loud people, cheap people, liars, idiots, racist people! I am special (What makes everyone think they're special? I mean seriously unless you have the adonis strength and amazing intellect that I posses you are not special, different maybe.) .. I am horny (Does being horny make you special? If that's the case I've been special since I was 12) ... I am fun and caring and loveable (Ahh aren't you the sweetheart?) I like to go out and have fun with the girls and I love oral sex and surfing lol (Amazing. So does SexyMonica. Both think that surfing is funny. I still don't get it.) .. I also love to skate in the winter (Is there a lot of snow in Atlanta?) and going out with a hot guy to dinner then maybe some fun at his place! (Again so does SexyMonica) Quiet . . . crazy (Usually quiet and crazy involve yourself appearing on the six o'clock news with your refrigerator being confiscated by the police) . . . fun . . . loyal . . . honest . . . genuine . . . thoughtful (Yes I can see so much thought radiating from this description of yourself) . . . 3rd yr student at U of T . . . loves clubbing . . . sentimental . . . drinks too much (Not really a bad thing). . . I wear my heart on my sleeve (and on your MySpace profile) My perfect match would be somebody (male or female) who knows how to find out what I like and do it lol (My rent is high and I need someone who'll pay my credit card bills) .. I am not very demanding (Yeah. All you need to do to bang her is dinner) but I know what I want, when I want it heheh! (I'm such the bitch. You will need to be rich to see me naked on a regular basis. Or really hot.) the perfect date would consist of a long walk on the beach followed by dinner and a movie and cuddling and lots of making out hehhee (First I thought it was just dinner that would get you out of your clothes, now you want a long walk. Geesh) .. The ideal relationship would be one in which there is mutual respect, understanding and sacrifice (Especially when the sacrifice involves you giving me 10% of your paycheck each month) . communication is key also (You will listen to me nag and will shut the hell up while doing so) .. if u both want to make it work, it can happen! In past relationships i have learned that you need to speak about whats bothering you (I will always bitch about your small penis) and not keep it all inside or else the relatinship will be tough.

Yes dear Bambina much like the others I denied your request to be my MySpace pal. Good luck in your quest for online acceptance from the ever so picky users of Rupert Murdoch's website.

“MySpace is for people online to socialize and we threw music into the mix as another option." - Tom Anderson

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