Aug 26, 2006


Well we lost another employee here who's decided to move on to bigger and better things in this company. In Fargo no less. It's funny cause this guy is from Texas of all places. Quite the climate change.

Anyways my boss sent an announcement via email about his upcoming move to Fargo and misspelled the name of the city as 'Faro'. Myself, as well as others who work graveyards, gave him a ration of hell for that replying all to his email with comments about his lack of spellcheck.

This led my boss to an idea for cube decoration. The team would write 'Faro' over and over again on sticky notes and cover the entire cubicle with them. Yes I got hand cramps from this, but it was worth it as Adrian, the guy who's leaving us, seemed to enjoy being the butt of the simple prank.

I for one will miss the good Adrian. In the sea of insanity that is working a graveyard shift he was someone who kept himself in calm waters. Well somewhat at least.


rawbean said...

That's awesome.

Weird that he's moving to Fargo. As I am from Winnipeg I am familiar with the climate and it can be difficult.

Grace said...

Hehe, that's funny. Your boss seems pretty awesome. Bestest of luck to Adrian.

Scott said...

That is awesome. Looks like lots of fun.


Adrian said...

Yep, good luck to that Adrian guy...